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About Us

Mid Central Community Action, Inc’s overall goal is to help individuals and families reach self sufficiency. In order to accomplish this outcome we form partnerships with a variety of local governmental bodies, private businesses, educational institutions and other human services. We work cooperatively to create and provide both safety nets and life improvement opportunities for people and families living in poverty in McLean and Livingston County. At the same time, Mid Central Community Action, Inc. establishes partnerships with individuals and families to take control of, and responsibility for, their own life direction. We believe this results in a combination of self-directed action and participation in community improvement activities.

Mission & Vision

Mid Central Community Action, Inc’s mission is to educate, equip and empower people to achieve healthy relationships, finances, homes, and neighborhoods. We envision healthy self-sufficient families interacting positively with one another in strong, safe and diverse neighborhoods to enhance the community while preserving the environment.


Incorporated in 1965, the agency today delivers services to the community in three main areas. First, there is a group of countering domestic violence programs; including a shelter, emergency hot line, counseling, and intervention services for victims. We also offer the whole spectrum of traditional Community Action programs including CSBG/Family Services Programs, energy assistance, home weatherization, transitional housing, and supportive case management. The third area is that of housing; again a group of programs including home ownership counseling, down payment assistance, foreclosure prevention, and rehabilitation of homes. In addition to being one of 1100 Community Action agencies in the United States, MCCA is a chartered member of the NeighborWorks® America network of housing development and neighborhood revitalization organizations. In a typical year, MCCA programs serve more than 5000 families. It also assists some 100 families in various ways to become home owners, which is considered one of the best roads to economic stability for a family.