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Executive Director Deborah White
Administrative Staff
  • Director of Finance: Erik Bush
  • Director of Resource Development & Community Engagement: Matt Drat
  • Human Resources & Organizational Compliance Officer: Tami Foley
  • Director of Technology and Data Management: Kelley Staub
  • Program Support Specialist: Lauren Ewert
  • Senior Accountant: Amy Lunn
  • Fiscal Support Specialist: Melissa Williams
  • Executive & Program Support Specialist: Barbara Torres
Next Step and Housing Opportunities Director of Next Step & Housing Opportunities: Jennifer Orban
  • Lead Financial Coach: Kathy Shubert
  • Financial Coach: Cathy King
Community Services Program
  • Community Building & Engagement Coordinator: Jeremy Studebaker
  • Livingston County Family & Community Development Coordinator: Laura Grant
  • McLean County Family & Community Development Coordinator:
  • Lead Income Support Coach: Dora Doyle
  • Income Support Coach:
  • Income Support Specialist: Tamarida Boone
  • Income Support Specialist: Karyn Mikolasjcsyk
  • Receptionist: Marisa Raab
Property Preservation Program Director of Property Preservation: Darin Pleines
  • Property Preservation Coordinator:
  • Property Preservation Technician: Julio Villanueva Soto
  • Property Preservation Technician:
  • Green Revitalization Specialist/AmeriCorp VISTA: AnaPatricia Marquez
Countering Domestic Violence Program (McLean County only) Director of Countering Domestic Violence Services: Senna Adjabeng
  • Adult Therapist: April
  • Youth Advocate: Sabrina
  • Senior Court Advocate: Shelly
  • Court Advocate: Rachel
  • Bilingual Advocate: Rocio
  • Resident Services Coordinator: Special Morgan
  • Residential Advocate: Holly
  • Residential Advocate: Kristie
  • Residential Advocate: Morgan
  • Residential Advocate: Sue
  • Residential Advocate: Breanna
Mayors Manor Director of Mayors Manor: Senna Adjabeng
  • Mayors Manor Program Coordinator: Tasha Davis
  • Residential Counselor: Sue