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Foreclosure Intervention and Solutions

Mid Central Community Action, Inc. is a HUD-Approved Housing Counseling Agency. For individuals and families that are having trouble making mortgage payments, are late on their mortgage payments, or may be facing foreclosure, it may be hard to see what options are available. MCCA is here to help. Through our foreclosure intervention services, homeowners will have the chance to review their available options and can work with a housing counselor to discuss what options might be best.

Foreclosure Intervention Workshops

We understand that there can be a lot of questions regarding the foreclosure process. One option for community members is to attend one of our foreclosure intervention workshops. These workshops are offered at no cost and cover topics such as what to expect during the foreclosure process, the timeline of events, and the homeowners options to either remain in or gracefully exit the home. These workshops are led by a certified housing counselor. While our staff cannot provide legal advice, these sessions will cover general information regarding the foreclosure process that may help individuals understand their options. Click here for workshop dates. For questions, please contact Kathy Shubert at (309) 834-9242 or by email at

One-on-One Counseling (Free)

Any individual or family that has attended a foreclosure workshop and still has questions is welcome to attend individual counseling as needed. Counseling appointments are available to review individual concerns regarding the foreclosure process, assistance in gathering and reviewing required court documents, and other questions regarding remaining in the home or graceful exit options. We will also aim to provide needed referrals and additional information on community resources that may be of assistance during this time. Our staff cannot provide legal advice and therefore any specific questions regarding your foreclosure court case and proceedings will be referred to legal counsel. If you have questions regarding foreclosure or your options as a homeowner, please contact Kathy Shubert at (309) 834-9242 or by email at

Mortgage Modification

For individuals looking to remain in their home, our certified housing counselor can assist with the process of applying for a mortgage modification. We are able to assist in reviewing the various modification options and to assist homeowners in collecting needed application documents. There are a number of time-sensitive documents needed for this application and our staff is experienced in the timely processing and submission of this information. If you are interested in applying for a mortgage modification or have questions about a recent modification submission, please contact Kathy Shubert at (309) 834-9242 or by email at

Additional Foreclosure Resources