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Community Building and Engagement

090606-nww-ne-corner-market-allin-300x209 The Community Building and Engagement (CBE) program is dedicated to helping local residents increase their collective capacity to improve quality of life for individuals who live, work or worship in McLean or Livingston County. Our CBE program focuses on developing resident leadership, strengthening resident-led associations and sponsoring community building activities. Goals are achieved by working with residents and stakeholders to organize neighborhood meetings, track Community Level Outcomes, and provide additional training to residents who have been identified as leaders to increase their effectiveness. Principles of Community Building in the NeighborWorks Network The theory behind NeighborWorks Community Building & Engagement program is the belief that people have the ability to name their problems and identify resources needed to solve them. The CB&E program helps bring out the gifts of people in the community to increase their collective power and transform themselves and their community.

Current Community Engagement activities include:

    • West Bloomington Housing Collaborative Resident Engagement Initiative: key resident leaders are identified through relational meetings to assess the Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threats of residents living within the WBHC target area.
    • Resident Leader Identification/Training program:  Resident leaders are actively identified to provide additional training and support in the greater effort to improve MCCA’s target area and West Bloomington as a whole in a collaborative manner.
    • Success Measures Project: The Success Measures project is a ground level, resident driven, needs assessment of targeted West Bloomington neighborhoods. The success measures project addresses four key strategic initiatives areas. 1) Connect program and services to client needs, 2) Develop human resources,3) Increase awareness in the greater community of both the challenges and resources available to address resident needs; and 4) Diversify resources available to adequately address unmet needs.
Our initial Success Measures Project was completed December 2013. The data will help guide our initiatives in connection with the West Bloomington Housing Collaborative and will serve as a benchmark to access the effectiveness of our work over the next three years.
  • Volunteer Recruitment and Coordination:  In conjunction with community engagement activities volunteers are recruited and leveraged to increase the impact-fullness of community engagement efforts. Volunteers are at the heart of the success measures project and also serve as photographers/recorders of community activities.
  • Community Engagement Internship:  One Community Engagement intern is currently working on coordinating all activities for the Resident Engagement Initiative; including compiling and analyzing data collected in preparation for a Community Leadership Summit. In addition, our community engagement intern serves as the team leader for the Community Leadership Institute in October.

For additional information or to get involved in our Community Engagement efforts:  Contact Jeremy Studebaker at or 309.834.9245.