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Income Support Coaching

Mid Central Community Action’s Income Support Coaching

At MCCA, our team provides people in our community supportive services related to employment, educational scholarships, housing, transportation, and basic needs. In most cases, these supportive services begin with attendance at a Practical Money Skills Orientation (PMSO) and result in the creation of a Plan of Change. Scroll down to see how to register for a PMSO.

MCCA can only provide an emergency response to an emergency situation in limited circumstances. These limited circumstances include:

  • A natural disaster or catastrophic event, such as fire, flood, or tornado;
  • A significant loss of income due to a medical emergency that was beyond someone’s control; or
  • A domestic violence situation. In the case of domestic violence, we will work in concert with MCCA domestic violence professionals in McLean County and by referral in Livingston County.

MCCA’s mission is to educate, equip, and empower individuals and families toward financially-secure, violence-free lives. As such, we want to invest our expertise and resources into the raw materials our community members already possess and help them put together a Plan of Change that will help them on their journey toward financial security. After attending a 60-minute Practical Money Skills Orientation (PMSO), participants will spend several weeks working on their Plan of Change to better understand their goals for achieving and maintaining financial stability and financial security. Completion of a Plan of Change may not result in a financial assistance payment, but referrals will be made to partner agencies where assistance may be accessed as a plan of change is being developed. Additionally, MCCA will encourage participants to continue working on their goals through its Next Step collaborative, where participants can benefit from savings and debt-reduction incentives. MCCA, through its Next Step collaborative, also offers employment and career coaching to help increase employment opportunities.

How Do I Get Started?

1.You must complete an Intake Assessment to help MCCA assess your situation. Emergency responses will only be made under limited circumstances (see above).

2.You must register for a Practical Money Skills Orientation. Seating is limited and registration is required.

3. You must be highly motivated and committed to completing the step necessary to complete your Plan of Change.

McLean County PMSO Schedule CLICK HERE

Livingston County PMSO Schedule CLICK HERE