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West Bloomington Housing Collaborative


Neighborhood Redevelopment

West Bloomington Housing Collaborative

What is the West Bloomington Housing Collaborative? The West Bloomington Housing Collaborative (WBHC) was developed to help support the revitalization efforts on the West Side of Bloomington through a variety of strategies. The WBHC joins together residents, community leaders and corporate partners in the neighborhood revitalization efforts.  The WBHC is comprised of many community members including: Mid-Central Community Action, Habitat for Humanity of McLean County, West Bloomington Revitalization Project, City of Bloomington, University of IL Community Preservation Clinic (UICPC), IL Wesleyan University – Action Research Center, Remax Rising and State Farm Bank.

What does the Partnership have to offer?

  • Owner occupied Home Restoration program
  • New Construction Homes
  • Rehabbed Homes for Purchase
  • Community Events
  • The Tool Lending Library – workshops and tool rental

What are some of the benefits to our communities?

  • Development of strong bonds between neighbors
  • Increased number of owner occupied homes
  • Continued stabilization of the community and property values
  • Increased ownership pride and improved maintenance

Come back to see homes available for purchase through the West Bloomington Housing Collaborative

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