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How can I earn more?

Heartland Community College will help you pursue a career or an educational pathway. One-on-one support is available to help you uncover your interests and abilities, search for a job, investigate careers or enroll in courses. Heartland Community College’s College Navigator will help you map your Guided Path to Success, and increase your opportunities to earn the income you need.

How do I participate?

Your financial coach will help you create a vision of financial stability, develop goals to achieve it, and hold you accountable for your own progress. Their ongoing support and encouragement make it easier for you to stay on track and build financial security. You are the key to your success!

Worried about money?

Imagine yourself:

  • Confidently seeking job opportunities
  • Improving your credit
  • Finding alternatives to pay day loans
  • Building your savings
  • Reducing your debt
  • Paying for college
  • And much, much more