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Wendy describes her childhood as chaotic and lacking a sense of security. To cope, she admits using drugs and alcohol as a teenager. She graduated from high school (“barely”) and became pregnant.

Being a mom changed Wendy’s perspective, as she wanted to serve as a role model — thus the start of her new life without the use of substances. Wendy describes her journey “from sad to achieving anything.” She is the first person in her family to go to college. She chose the nursing field to help people heal their mind, body and spirit.

Through Wendy’s affiliation with HCC, she states that “the sky’s the limit.”

Emmia describes coming from a place that was not a decent living environment because her credit history was a barrier to more affordable, safe housing.

Through her participation in MCCA’s transitional housing and Individual Development Account programs, Emmia now manages her income and is saving toward her dream of purchasing a home for her and her children. She has also purchased a vehicle, earned a bachelor’s degree and is working toward a “career.”

Through Emmia’s affiliation with MCCA, she says she was given “a second chance at life to do things right.”!

Lee describes the many calls and letters he used to receive from bill collectors.

Through his participation in MCCA’s credit repair program, Lee was able to increase his credit score, establish good budgeting habits, and learn to live within his means. Lee reports now living without the burden of financial stress. He is also proud to say he is a first-time homeowner, which he says would not have been possible without MCCA.

Through Lee’s affiliation with MCCA, he says he went from “no hope financially” to “accomplishing the American dream.”

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